Kamiiro No

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Kamiiro No
Kamiiro No
Orbital distance 4.3 AU
Orbital period 10.2 years
Radius 5679 km
Atmospheric pressure 114.11 atmospheres
Surface temperature 330C
Kamiiro No was named for the little brother of the mythical angaran hero, Jaali No. Before the Scourge, Kamiiro No existed in the shadow of a much larger gas giant.

Kamiiro No is a planet in the Hefena star system.

Anomaly[edit | edit source]

There is an anomaly detected on this planet. When scanned it reveals an Asteroid.

Kamiiro No asteroid.png

Data[edit | edit source]

  • M-type asteroid
  • Diameter: 244 km
  • Surface gravity: 0.01 G

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Before the Scourge, the asteroids ringing Kamiiro No were a moon housing a small angaran colony. The moon and the colony are now long gone.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • +270 XP on scan