Jaal Ama Darav

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Jaal Ama Darav
Jaal Ama Darav
Species Angara
Origin Havarl
Height 193 cm
Weight 121 kg
Known affiliations Angaran Resistance
Nicknames None known
Combat roles/strengths Freedom Fighter, Sniper, Guerilla
Favorite weapon Modified Lanat Sniper Rifle (Kett)
Favorite skill Avenger Strike
Stay strong and clear!

Jaal Ama Darav is an angaran squad member. He joins the squad during the A Trail of Hope mission on Aya.

Background[edit | edit source]

A lieutenant in the Angaran Resistance, Jaal comes from an enormous and famous family of fighters. He’s a self-taught modder and tech-head who likes to take things apart in his spare time. Jaal, like all angara, is free with his emotions and will always let you know how he feels – good or bad. Although he is respected and admired, Jaal searches for a place he can truly belong.

Skills[edit | edit source]

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