Invasion (Datapad)

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Location Havarl

Invasion is one of the Datapads located on Havarl. It is part of Task: Roekaar Manifestos.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

I followed Akksul across Voeld, and we found more like us. People who had lost everything to the kett. Survivors, lost and hopeless. He opened their eyes the way he had mine, and the Roekaar's ranks grew. We came to Havarl to build a place where we could plan in safety and hone the skills we would need to fulfill our mission of freeing our people from oppression. We didn't realize a new enemy had already invaded. Strange creatures from another galaxy hiding in a canyon. Akksul knew this was a sign. We were meant to find them.

We sent a group to confront this threat. The invaders shouted at us in a language we didn't understand, but we witnessed the truth of their intentions. We saw the weapons in their hands. We showed them we had weapons of our own, and they fled from our power. It was the first time I'd felt happy since the last morning I saw my family alive.

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