Intruder Alert

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Intruder Alert
Intruder Alert
Location Eos

Intruder Alert is one of the terminal entries at the kett research station at the southern monolith in The Golden Wastes on Eos. The original is seen during A Better Beginning. If Ryder returns to review the entry, SAM is able to translate the text.

Text[edit | edit source]

Intruder Alert.png

Only the title of this message can be translated. The rest is written in kett script. Only a few words can be translated without more language study.

Partial translation: "This lesser idiot," "by tomorrow," and "krogan."

Translated Text[edit | edit source]

Intruder Alert (translated).png

Translated from Tonaizhet:

For immediate effect: Cease research operations and arm yourselves. I want the head of this lesser idiot mounted on the base wall by tomorrow.

One combatant, and you are thwarted again and again! Destroy it! I care nothing about what a "krogan" is!

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