Interfacing: Long-term damage

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Interfacing: Long-term damage
Interfacing: Long-term damage
Location Atrium, Port Meridian

Interfacing: Long-term damage is one of the terminal entries located in the Atrium at Port Meridian.

Text[edit | edit source]

Reporting: Dr. Harry Carlyle
Assisting: Dr. Lexi T'Perro, SAM

The ability to activate Remnant technology without the SAM is an amazing adaptation, but the Ryder siblings have worked that "muscle" very hard in a limited time. SAM reports that at least in the Pathfinder's case, normal brain function has not been affected. However, we can observe scarring on the occipital lobe and hippocampus. This fits with assumptions about Remnant, RE: interocular transfer and long-term memory. There are also stress markers throughout the corpus callosum, suggesting Remnant activation requires some deviation from cooperative hemispheric function. I'm not going there in this report. That split-brain business has always skeeved me out.

- Ongoing monitoring of the Ryder siblings
- Restriction of Remnant interfacing unless SAM assists

This was one hell of a Hail Mary, and we all got lucky. Let's not push it.

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