Interfacing: Budgeting request

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Interfacing: Budgeting request
Interfacing: Budgeting request
Location Atrium, Port Meridian

Interfacing: Budgeting request is one of the terminal entries located in the Atrium at Port Meridian.

Text[edit | edit source]

Interfacing going forward
Special budgeting request
Reporting: Data missing
(SAM override)

As of today, the Ryder siblings are still the only people able to directly interface with Remnant—and only the SAM connection allows the Pathfinder to do it without damage. It is a self-limiting adaptation. But there was a time when there was only one human biotic, and the mistake of the day was to say she was the only one rather than the first. This ability is demonstrably trainable. We must assume that, like biotics, it is something that can be assisted, and will spread in future.

To avoid the violence of Subject White, and to avoid the mistakes of BAaT training at Gagarin, we must begin preparations now. We live inside a machine made by aliens we can't comprehend. The next person to control Remnant cannot be an accident.

Welcome to New Zero. Let's be ready.

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