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Classification Enemy
Origin Milky Way
A lumbering combatant in a makeshift mecha suit that unloads using a variety of devastating weapons as it advances. Boosters can be used to engage at close range.

Hydra is an Outlaw mob enemy.

Codex[edit | edit source]

The strange technologies of the Heleus Cluster offer many outlaw and exile groups opportunity rather than scientific mystery. With access to black-market salvage, Remnant technology, and stolen gear from the Andromeda Initiative, some have crafted non-standard but highly effective battle mech suits nicknamed "Hydras."

Most Hydra units are armed with a chain gun and a devastating laser-guided RPG volley, pinning down enemies before bombarding them with heavy fire. Unapproved jumpjet designs and a mass-lowering element zero core assist in ground clearance or leaping at a target. The sheer weight and impact of the Hydra unit can crush enemies or force them to fall back. APEX officially classifies a Hydra unit as a Priority Zero threat, though unofficial communications often use the acronym "BFM."

Stats[edit | edit source]

Hydras are armor-only enemies. Armor Bar - Normal.png They have a large cannon on the left arm, the right arm can deal a devastating melee attack, and they can deploy a barrage of laser guided missiles from pods located on both shoulders.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Hydras will explode with a powerful explosion killed leaving no remains to be scanned. This creates a difficulty in scanning, as it requires being up close to a hostile enemy while still alive in order to scan it.

The Hydra can be scanned for Aid APEX.

There is a bug with the objective Optional: Blow engine or Gas them or Disable Hydra Armor in Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends. If you have previously scanned a Hydra at any time before this objective, you will not be able to successfully scan the Hydra using the security camera scanner. The Hydra will show up as the light yellow color of already scanned. This makes the choice Disable Hydra Armor unavailable but the other two choices can still be obtained. It is unclear how or when this bug was added but this bug still occurs as of the final patch Update 1.10.

The Blaze Hydra is a variation of the Hydra appearing only in multiplayer matches. Blazy Hydras are boss level armor-only enemies. Armor Bar - Boss Normal.png There are differences in coloring but the weaponry is the same. The Blaze Hydra, however, moves much faster than a standard Hydra and will close to melee distance to try to grab a player for an instant kill. The Blaze Hydra is the final target in a Boss wave in a Multiplayer match where outlaws are the designated enemy. The Blaze Hydra will also spawn in platinum difficulty multiplayer matches during Survival waves.

Gallery[edit | edit source]