Human Commando

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Human Commando
Human Commando
Rarity Rare
Health Health Icon.png 500
Shield Shield Icon.png 250
Skills Singularity 1 Icon.png Singularity
Turbocharge 1 Icon.png Turbocharge
Warp 1 Icon.png Warp
APEX Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png APEX Training
Combat Fitness 1 - Health Icon.png Combat Fitness
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat Max Health Bonus Stat Icon.png Max Health
Melee Biotic Punch
Biotic soldier specializing in offensive crowd control.

Human Commando is one of the character kits.

Bio[edit | edit source]

The Commando served the Alliance as an elite offensive specialist for years until the Andromeda Initiative's recruitment efforts presented her with the opportunity to travel farther than she ever dreamed. She convinced the Guardian, a fellow soldier and her secret love, to accompany her. Now in Heleus, they fight side by side to create a new home for humanity.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Human Commando duo.png