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Sarah Ryder in the EA Play 2016 trailer.
Sarah Ryder in the EA Play 2016 trailer.

The humans are a Milky Way species. Humans are the newest arrivals on the galactic stage. They've gone from first contact to galactic powerhouse in an extremely short 25 years, culminating with earning a seat on the Citadel Council.

Biology[edit | edit source]

In the 22nd century, manipulation of the human genome became commonplace. Techniques of genetic engineering advanced to the point where the rich could custom-build fetuses that grew into stronger, smarter, and more attractive adults. In more permissive regions, custom-designed life-forms and "uplifted" animals occupied an ill-defined niche between "property" and "sapient being."

Most governments provide free assessments and corrective therapy for genetic diseases in prospective parents. This has nearly eliminated everything from cystic fibrosis to nearsightedness. The earlier screening and therapy is performed, the more comprehensive the results. Though ideally performed on artificially fertilized zygotes in a lab, procedures are available for embryos in the womb and newborns, out of respect for personal beliefs.

Improvement of natural human abilities is legal, but adding new abilities is not. Treatments to improve strength, reflexes, mental acuity, or appearance are permitted; adding a tail or the ability to digest cellulose is not. Some genetic enhancement is provided for free to Alliance military recruits, but the average citizen must pay for the privilege. The process can take years to reach fruition in an adult.

History and culture[edit | edit source]

Humanity discovered the means to go beyond their solar system when unearthing ancient Prothean ruins on Mars. The technology found therein jumped human technology ahead by centuries allowing them the ability to travel further than before resulting in the discovery of the Charon Mass Relay located near Pluto.

Led by Jon Grissom, a team of soldiers and scientists, Alec Ryder among them, activated and traveled through the mass relay leading them to the Arcturus system and more mass relays beyond. Discovering the Charon mass relay lead to the Alliance policy of activating mass relays wherever they are found. Unbeknownst to them, the council considered such actions dangerous and when a turian starship discovered humans attempting to activate one, they attacked sparking what became known as the First Contact War.

The first Contact War became the first instance of contact between humanity and another species: the turians. The two races fought each other to a stalemate and only the timely intervention of the council prevented full scale galactic war. From then, humans peacefully integrated into Council society, they were granted colonies such as Sanctuary and Eden Prime, while winning for themselves a seat on the Council after the successful end of the Geth War.

Notable humans[edit | edit source]

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