High Noon

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High Noon
High Noon
Type Heleus assignments
Starting Location Kadara
Mission Location Kadara
Start Sloane Kelly
End Sloane Kelly or Reyes Vidal
Previous Behind Enemy Lines

High Noon is a heleus assignments mission.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sloane has uncharacteristically requested your presence at Outcast headquarters.

The Charlatan used Sloane Kelly's own people to beat up Kaetus, her second-in-command, and deliver a message: it's time to settle things between the Collective and the Outcasts. Sensing a trap, but unable to trust her fellow Outcasts, Sloane requested you, an outsider, to witness the confrontation.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Sloane
  • Meet Sloane at the Charlatan's specified location

Ryder sides with Sloane:

  • Speak to Sloane

Ryder sides with Reyes:

  • Speak to Reyes at Tartarus

Notes[edit | edit source]

There's an interrupt to save Sloane Kelly from a sniper. Her death does not prevent the establishment of an Initiative outpost.

The availability of multiple missions can be impacted by the completion of this mission. It is recommended that the missions below be completed before undertaking this mission:

  • Mixed Messages is only available as long as Sloane Kelly is the boss of Kadara Port AND the mission High Noon hasn't been completed.
  • Out of the Frying Pan will become unavailable if Ryder sides with Reyes Vidal.
  • The Collective Base is NOT available if Ryder sides with Sloane Kelly. The base will instead be open and occupied by enemies.
  • The Charlatan's Charlatan will be shown as complete in the mission section with the search for the imposter being called off if Ryder sides with Sloane Kelly.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned for starting this mission: