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The Heleus News Service (HNS) is an independent arm of the Andromeda Initiative and is run by Davis Qar. With the assistance of Pathfinder Ryder, receiving equipment has been delivered to the outposts on Elaaden, Eos, Kadara, and Voeld.

News stories can be accessed on the HNS terminal located in the entryway nearby the Tempest in the Docking Area on the Nexus.

New HNS stories are added as game play progresses.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Codex Card Nexus Heleus News Service.png

As Milky Way species work to establish themselves in Andromeda, gathering and disseminating accurate information about galactic events in the public interest has fallen to the fledgling Heleus New Service.

Novice journalist Davis Qar came to Andromeda to report and learn under a seasoned editor. But when Qar's mentor was reportedly killed in the Nexus uprising, he was forced to set up the official source of news on the Nexus largely by himself.

HNS operates with an arms-length agreement and partial funding from the Andromeda Initiative, a model similar to some national news services in Earth's past. This has raised questions among some colonists about the service's potential bias, though Qar stresses that if HNS has an agenda, it is to hold Initiative leadership accountable while chronicling a new era of space exploration.

HNS Stories[edit | edit source]

Headline Related Mission
AYA (HNS) - Embassy Established Task: The Angaran Initiative
CIVKI (HNS) - Remnant "City" Uncovered The Journey to Meridian
ELAADEN (HNS) - Elaaden Outpost Founded Settling Elaaden
ELAADEN (HNS) - Krogan Colony Built to Last
ELAADEN (HNS) - Morda Holds Colony Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core
ELAADEN (HNS) - Neural Decay Serum Discovered Gray Matter
ELAADEN (HNS) - Nora Tallis Found Alive Hard Luck
EOS (HNS) - Alien Tech Warning
EOS (HNS) - Colonists Found Alive in Space Doesn't Add Up
EOS (HNS) - Dead Coming Home Task: Naming the Dead
EOS (HNS) - Kett Routed on Eos Defeating the Kett
EOS (HNS) - Prodromos Founded A Better Beginning
EOS (HNS) - Vault Uncovered A Better Beginning
H-047C (HNS) - Fuel Source Found The Remnant Tiller
H-047C (HNS) - Turian Ark Recovered Turian Ark: Lost but Not Forgotten
HABITAT 7 (HNS) - Pathfinder Alec Ryder Killed Planetside
HAVARL (HNS) - Puzzling over Angaran Reincarnation A Dying Planet
HAVARL (HNS) - Vault Malfunctions
HYPERION (HNS) - Stasis Glitch Patched
KADARA (HNS) - Exile Port Discovered Hunting the Archon
KADARA (HNS) - Homicides Linked to Roekaar A People Divided
KADARA (HNS) - Kadara Vault Activated Healing Kadara's Heart
KADARA (HNS) - Mining Outpost Established Settling Kadara
KADARA (HNS) - Oblivion on the Rise Modern Medicine
KADARA (HNS) - Rival Gangs Face Off High Noon
MERIDIAN (HNS) - Habitat 7 Renamed Ryder-I The World is Waiting
MERIDIAN (HNS) - Kett Routed, Meridian Found Meridian: The Way Home
NEXUS (HNS) - Angaran Delegation on Nexus Task: The Nexus Exchange
NEXUS (HNS) - Clement Vindicated Task: Traitor or Victim?
NEXUS (HNS) - Condition Upgraded
NEXUS (HNS) - Contact Attempts Ongoing
NEXUS (HNS) - Hacker "Knight" Killed The Firefighters
NEXUS (HNS) - Illness Baffles Experts
NEXUS (HNS) - Initiative Arms Outlaws Life on the Frontier
NEXUS (HNS) - Jien Garson Mourned
NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core
NEXUS (HNS) - Nexus Ambassador Named
NEXUS (HNS) - Nexus Rebuilds
NEXUS (HNS) - Research Team Killed Task: Missing Scientists
NEXUS (HNS) - Scourge Barring Travel
NEXUS (HNS) - Spender Caught Nakmor Drack: A Future for Our People
NEXUS (HNS) - Sun Lamp Reprieve Coming
NEXUS (HNS) - Unified Curriculum Stalled
NEXUS (HNS) - Uprising Investigation Ongoing
NEXUS (HNS) - Worker Lost to Space
TAFENO (HNS) - Salarian Ark Located Hunting the Archon
VALAY (HNS) - Asari Ark Found Cora Harper: At Duty's Edge
VOELD (HNS) - Ancient AI Rumored Uncovering the Past
VOELD (HNS) - Contact Made with Angaran Resistance Meet the Resistance
VOELD (HNS) - Outpost on Voeld Settling Voeld
VOELD (HNS) - Victory on Voeld A Trail of Hope