Heat Inducer

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Heat Inducer
Heat Inducer
Item Rarity Rare
Type Special
Usage Guns
Technology Remnant
RD Cost 50
Icon Heat Inducer Icon.png
Description This is a Special augmentation. You may apply one such augment to an item during the development process.

Heat Inducer is a Special augmentation.

Effects[edit | edit source]

(Weapon) Incendiary Ammo: +25% Damage
(Legs) On jump melee: Inferno Blast - extra 50% heat damage

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

This augmentation cannot be applied to the following items during development:

Notes[edit | edit source]

This augmentation is unavailable for research until activation of the Northern Monolith during A Better Beginning.

When this augmentation is applied to leg armor, a jump melee causes an fiery blast on impact with the ground but this blast doesn't Fire Primer Icon.png prime an enemy for a Fire Combo.

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