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Orbital distance 116.7 AU
Orbital period 719.1 years
Radius 668 km
Atmospheric pressure 0.02 atmospheres
Surface temperature -115C
Available minerals Titanium Icon.png Titanium
Silicon Icon.png Silicon
Platinum Icon.png Platinum
Magnesium Icon.png Magnesium
Shattered by the Scourge, this formerly viable planet is now a debris field. Due to a lack of atmosphere, few lifeforms are present.

H-047c is a planet located in the Remav star system. Initially designated "Habitat 5," it is no longer in consideration for settlement by the Andromeda Initiative.

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The following missions take place or are acquired on H-047c:

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Codex[edit | edit source]

Codex Card H-047c.png

This small planet was of particular interest to the turian contingent of the Andromeda initiative. Long-distance studies suggested H-047c was a "golden world," eminently suitable for dextro-protein species like turians, earning it the designation Habitat 5. The turian ark Natanus set course for H-047c to ensure they would have a viable settlement site on arrival.

In the intervening centuries, astronomical studies show H-047c was pulverized by debris from the erupting Scourge. The dark energy of the phenomenon increased the mass of this debris to the point that the impact shattered the planet, leaving it uninhabitable.

With its magnetic field drastically weakened and much of its atmosphere lost, what remains intact of H-047c's surface is vulnerable to cosmic radiation. This has rendered the soil unable to support life, though it is a potential source of valuable helium-3.

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Environmental Information[edit | edit source]

H-047c has no atmosphere which allows excessive solar and cosmic radiation to cover the remains of the planet. All areas outside of specially shielded zones will cause Radiation Hazard Icon.png RADIATION damage and pose an environmental hazard to personnel and vehicles.

  • Hazard Level 1 - RADIATION 0.043 mSv/hr

Due to the excessive levels of radiation, Pathfinder Ryder is unable to venture out onto the planet surface unless confined to the ND1 Nomad.

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