Garson investigation (Closed)

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Garson investigation [CLOSED]
Garson investigation [CLOSED]
Location Nexus

Garson investigation [CLOSED] is one of the terminal entries located on the Security Footage terminal in Operations across from the Militia Office on the Nexus. It is related to Ryder Family Secrets.

Text[edit | edit source]

File #1A98 - Addendum
Update to the missing persons report filed on Jien Garson: maintenance crew found her body in a Nexus apartment. Severe burns were apparent, similar to others we saw who were killed during Scourge disaster. It's unclear how she got there, but confusion and disorientation during the Scourge event are likely. Events align with the timeline.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Casualty of Scourge disaster.
STATUS: Case closed

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