Future out here

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Future out here
Future out here
Location Tempest

Future out here is one of the terminal entries from Nakmor Drack located on the Tempest. This email is related to the mission Nakmor Drack: Clutch Moment.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Drack

Bear with me for a second. An old krogan's about to get emotional…

Not long ago, I honestly wondered why I'm still alive. There were so many times I almost bit it. A lot of those times I deserved to.

Somehow I kept living. Living so long it's easy to feel like nothing matters anymore, beyond maybe the smile I get spotting a new scar in the mirror.

But when I see all we've done out here: Kesh's clutch. Meridian. Suddenly, the life I've burned and blown through has a real point. A reason to groan outta my bunk again and again: We're making everyone else's lives a little more worth living.

Thanks for helping me see that, kid.


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