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Fusion Mods.png

Fusion mods are used to enhance armor. Each is far more powerful than the otherwise comparable armor augmentation, but each comes with a major penalty. As with weapon mods, fusion mods can be swapped out during loadout.

List of armor fusion mods[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Rarity Bonus Penalty Location Acquisition
Fusion Mod of Shielding.png
Fusion Mod of Shielding Ultra Rare +50% Max Shields -50% Max Health Eos Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Robotics.png
Fusion Mod of Robotics Ultra Rare +25% Tech Construct Health
+25% Tech Construct Damage
-50% Max Shields Havarl Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Adrenaline.png
Fusion Mod of Adrenaline Ultra Rare 100% On Kill: Recharge All Active Powers -50% All Power Recharge Speeds Havarl After activating the vault during A Dying Planet, find a cave on the southern side of Havarl not far from Pelaav Research Station. Activate the console in the cave, then use your scanner to follow the connection east. There are two sets of platforms, two gravity wells, and a Remnant decryption puzzle between Ryder and the small storage vault high above the entrance to Old Pelaav.
Fusion Mod of Resistance.png
Fusion Mod of Resistance Ultra Rare +20 Damage Resistance -10% Weapon Damage
-10% Melee Damage
-10% Power Damage
Voeld Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment.png
Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment Ultra Rare +50% All Power Recharge Speeds -30% Weapon Damage Kadara Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Rupture.png
Fusion Mod of Rupture Ultra Rare +25% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus -70% Weapon Clip Size Elaaden Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery.png
Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery Ultra Rare +30% Biotic Power Damage -20% Weapon & Melee Damage
-20% Tech & Combat Power Damage
Eos Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Hovering.png
Fusion Mod of Hovering Ultra Rare +100% Hover Duration -30% Weapon Damage Voeld Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery.png
Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery Ultra Rare +30% Tech Power Damage -20% Weapon & Melee Damage
-20% Biotic & Combat Power Damage
Elaaden Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Battering.png
Fusion Mod of Battering Ultra Rare +30% Melee Damage -20% Weapon Damage
-20% Biotic, Combat & Tech Power Damage
Kadara Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Health.png
Fusion Mod of Health Ultra Rare +100% Max Health -50% Max Shields Khi Tasira Defeat the Archon's Sword during The Journey to Meridian

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only chest armor pieces for Ryder can use fusion mods.
  • The Deep Space Explorer Armor and Scavenger Armor cannot be equipped with fusion mods.
  • The penalty of the mods can be cut in half with the Commerce Cryo Pod perk Fusion Mod Support.
  • Save for two, all fusion mods are obtained by activating Vaults or killing Architects.
  • These items will not show up in the "Armor" screen at a merchant but only in the "All Items" screen.
  • These are unique items that can't be found again. While it is possible to sell a fusion mod to a merchant, it is HIGHLY advised not to do so.
  • New Game+ Ryders will retain the fusion mods from their predecessor and could reasonably sell duplicates as they acquire their own.

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