For the fallen

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For the fallen
For the fallen
Location Voeld

For the fallen is one of the Datapads located on Voeld. It is related to End of Watch.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

Maaja Naes honored the resistance. We fought beside each other through more battles than I can remember. I never saw my comrade's courage or determination waver. To those that find this message, know that Maaja Naes remained a champion of the Resistance to the end. Half the kett bodies you find at this site were delivered to oblivion by my friend's heroism.

It should be my body lying here. I let the kett get behind me. Maaja protected me from my mistake and took the blows meant for me. There's no time to honor that sacrifice. The kett that slaughtered our people at Daar Helast are on the run, and we can't let them escape. Maaja would want them to pay for what they did.

—Graj de Voorisc

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