First Strike

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First Strike
First Strike
Type Priority ops
Starting Location Militia Office or Research Room
Mission Location Militia Office or Research Room
Start terminal
End terminal

First Strike is a priority ops mission. It becomes available during Nexus Reunion and is acquired by interacting with the Strike Team Missions terminal in the Militia Office in Operations on the Nexus or in the Research Room on the Tempest.

Description[edit | edit source]

The militia's strike teams handle dangerous operations across the cluster. Speak with Kandros for authorization.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

The reward for this mission is not XP or AVP, but access to the Strike Teams and the loot boxes that come with successful completion of their missions.

It is important to understand that strike teams belong to an overall account, not a specific Ryder.

  • Any Ryder linked to the overall account can command the teams or redeem the rewards, as long as they have been authorized via this mission.
  • The overall account is limited to six strike teams and two hundred loot boxes.
  • While the teams and loot boxes are limited because they are all tied together, this also means one Ryder can send out the teams and a different Ryder can claim the rewards. This is an excellent strategy to transfer a large amount of rewards from a veteran Ryder to a brand new Ryder. This gives the new Ryder an edge at the beginning of the game when levels are low and credits, resources, research data, and items not normally available can be acquired from loot boxes.