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Classification Enemy
Origin Andromeda
A large, powerful kett beast with a hard carapace for protection. The Fiend is trained to disrupt enemy lines and wreak havoc within their ranks.

Fiend is a kett mob enemy.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Fiends are monstrous beasts with a heavily armored carapace. Unlike the stealthier Wraiths, Fiends are besieging units that attack head-on, scattering enemy forces and destroying entrenched enemy positions. They attack non-kett without appearing to need orders; some scientists believe Fiends respond aggressively to an absence of kett pheromones or similar cues.

A Fiend's carapace is permeated by dense cartilage that makes it both strong and flexible, and acts as a shock absorber for incoming fire. Preliminary study of their nervous system suggests that nerve transmission is dampened above a certain pain threshold, allowing a Fiend to detect injury but not be slowed by it. Reports of Fiend encounters are often accompanied by casualty lists, and the militia advises that only a well-armed and organized team should handle a Fiend at full rampage.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Fiends are increased armor-only enemies. Armor Bar - High.png They have an acid spit ranged attack and will aggressively charge for close-quarters melee attacks.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Fiends should not be confused with the Eiroch which is blue and smaller. They also shouldn't be confused with the larger and much tougher boss level enemy known as an Ancient Eiroch.

Fiends will crumble into dust when killed leaving no remains to be scanned. This creates a difficulty in scanning, as it requires being up close to a hostile creature while still alive in order to scan it.

Fiends are classified as enemies and not as creatures. This means than scanning a Fiend will count towards Aid APEX and NOT towards Task: Comparatively Alien.

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