Evfra de Tershaav

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Evfra de Tershaav
Evfra de Tershaav
Species Angara
Known affiliations Angaran Resistance
Location Aya

Evfra de Tershaav is an angaran character and the leader of the Angaran Resistance. He is located in the Resistance Headquarters on Aya.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Before Evfra de Tershaav assumed command of the Resistance, he claims it was "a disorganized and ineffectual group of zealots who were sliding into irrelevance." In fact, Jaal explains it was the Resistance's failure to protect Evfra's family from the kett that drove Evfra to join the group, with the goal of turning it into the effective guerilla army it aspired to be. Resistance-distributed literature explains that Evfra's single-minded dedication to his cause became evident when he led a successful raid on a kett slave labor camp, reporting that Evfra's Resistance forces liberated hundreds of angaran prisoners before wiping out an entire battalion of kett sent to stop the attack.

According to Jaal, Evfra is feared by his Resistance subordinates and respected by angaran leaders, but he remains an isolated individual. He keeps no close ties, by design. Everyone in the Resistance is expendable, and Evfra is said to understand too well the pain that comes with losing those closest to him.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Evfra de Tershaav is involved with the following missions:

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