Event Tracking Logs

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Event Tracking Logs
Event Tracking Logs
Location Hyperion

Event Tracking Logs is one of the datapads found on the Hyperion only during Prologue: Hyperion. It is located in the accessway between the Cryo Bay and the tram.

Text[edit | edit source]

REPORT RUN: 2819, Identifier QPA-Z

[2185] Departure.procedures: confirmed
[2185] Stasis.lockdown.engaged: confirmed
[2186] Anomalous.comm.sensor.readings: report logged
[2347] Trajectory.drift.detected: report logged
[2347] Trajectory.course.correction: confirmed
[2411] Arks Paarchero/Leusinia/Natanus: condition green
[2497] Sensor.array.fault.detected: report logged
[2497] Sensor.array.fault.repair: FAILED
[2819] Trajectory.destination: confirmed
[2819] Destination.location.proximity: confirmed
[2819] Stasis.revival.engaged: confirmed
[2819] Nexus/Arks Paarchero/Leusinia/Natanus: not detected
[2819] Sensor.fault#JSKL*L&^MD:"LASF4@JK F
[2819] ERROR

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