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Equipment Menu

Equipment are permanent items that can be used by APEX Teams during multiplayer gameplay.

For comparison, Boosters are temporary single mission items.


Equipment Multiplayer.png

Equipment is equipped in the Weapons sub-menu in the Character Customization menu screen to the right of the weapons selections.

  • One equipment can be equipped per mission.
  • Equipment can be used repeatedly and does not disappear after the match.
  • Equipment can only be purchased in the Store.

Image Name Rarity Description
Adaptive War Amp Equipment.png
Adaptive War Amp Uncommon Increases Damage Dealt by Biotic Powers by 30%
Armored Compartments Equipment.png
Armored Compartments Rare Increases maximum ammo capacity by 50% and increases power cell capacity by 1
Assault Loadout Equipment.png
Assault Loadout Rare Increases assault rifle and shotgun damage by 15%
Assault Rifle Amp Equipment.png
Assault Rifle Amp Uncommon Increases assault rifle damage by 20%
Berserker Package Equipment.png
Berserker Package Rare Increases shotgun damage by 15% and melee damage by 15%
Combatives Upgrade Equipment.png
Combatives Upgrade Rare Increases assault rifle and pistol damage by 15%
Commando Package Equipment.png
Commando Package Rare Increases Gun Damage by 10% and Biotic Power Damage by 20%
Densified Ammunition Equipment.png
Densified Ammunition Uncommon Increases Gun Damage by 12.5%
Engineering Kit Equipment.png
Engineering Kit Uncommon Increases Damage Dealt by Tech Powers by 30%
Enhanced Munitions Equipment.png
Enhanced Munitions Uncommon Increases Damage Dealt by Combat Powers by 30%
Expert Package Equipment.png
Expert Package Rare Increases pistol damage by 15% and power recharge speed by 15%
Grenade Capacity Equipment.png
Grenade Capacity Uncommon Increases Power Cell Capacity by 3
Guerrilla Upgrade Equipment.png
Guerrilla Upgrade Rare Increases Sniper Rifle and Pistol Damage by 15%
Hydraulic Joints Equipment.png
Hydraulic Joints Uncommon Increases Melee Damage by 25%
Juggernaut Shield Equipment.png
Juggernaut Shield Rare Increase shields by 20% and melee damage by 15%
Martial Biotic Amp Equipment.png
Martial Biotic Amp Rare Increases Biotic Power Damage by 20% and Melee Damage by 15%
Mental Focuser Equipment.png
Mental Focuser Uncommon Increases Damage Dealt by Powers by 25%
Multicapacitor Equipment.png
Multicapacitor Uncommon Increases Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction by 100%
Omni-Capacitors Equipment.png
Omni-Capacitors Rare Increases Tech Power Damage by 20% and Power Recharge Speed by 15%
Operative Package Equipment.png
Operative Package Rare Increases Gun Damage by 10% and Tech Power Damage by 20%
Pistol SMG Amp Equipment.png
Pistol / SMG Amp Uncommon Increases Pistol Damage by 20%
Shield Enhancer Equipment.png
Shield Enhancer Uncommon Increases shields by 30%
Shock Trooper Upgrade Equipment.png
Shock Trooper Upgrade Rare Increases shotgun damage by 15% and increases power cell capacity by 1
Shotgun Amp Equipment.png
Shotgun Amp Uncommon Increases Shotgun Damage by 20%
Sniper Rifle Amp Equipment.png
Sniper Rifle Amp Uncommon Increases Sniper Rifle Damage by 20%
Stronghold Package Equipment.png
Stronghold Package Rare Increases shields by 20% and reduces shield regeneration delay by 70%
Structural Ergonomics Equipment.png
Structural Ergonomics Uncommon Increases Power Recharge Speed by 25%
Supply Pack Transmitter Equipment.png
Supply Pack Transmitter Rare Using First Aid, Revive Packs, and Ammo Packs applies to teammates within 10 meters. Also, the Cobra RPG's explosion radius is increased by 50%
Survivor Loadout Equipment.png
Survivor Loadout Rare Increases shields by 20% and Combat Power Damage by 20%
Thermal Clip Storage Equipment.png
Thermal Clip Storage Uncommon Increases Maximum Ammo Capacity by 75%
Vulnerability VI Equipment.png
Vulnerability VI Uncommon Increases Damage Dealt to Weakpoint by 40%
Warfighter Package Equipment.png
Warfighter Package Rare Increases Gun Damage by 10% and Combat Power Damage by 20%


Specific pieces of equipment can be purchased with the multiplayer DLC add-on packs.

If the Stronghold Package and Structural Ergonomics are the last two items you are attempting to purchase from the Store (and you didn't purchase them when they randomly appeared with other pieces of equipment), they WILL NOT appear in the Store. This is a known issue and can no longer be fixed. However, if all of the other 30 pieces of equipment are owned, purchasing one of the MP DLC Pack - Collection Items packs will force the equipment items to appear as a substitution for the equipment listed in the pack.

For example, if you have all of the remaining 30 equipment items, and you purchase the Asari Adept pack, already having the Commando package will force either the Stronghold Package or the Structural Ergonomics piece of equipment to appear in the pack. Purchasing a second DLC pack after this (such as the Krogan Vanguard pack) will then force the last remaining piece of missing equipment in the pack.