Data override: Kill record:

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Data Override: Kill record:
Data Override: Kill record:

Data Override: Kill record: is one of the terminal entries found on Calot Gurting's ship, accessible only during Liam Kosta: All In.

Text[edit | edit source]

—Yarrajn dead. Paid him back for kicking me out of his little trading group. Wish I could've seen his face. Paused for surrender, then rammed him. Lost aft control.
—Deyr Vonag dead. His stupid group was always too good. Never knew my name. Won't know it now. Using weapons strained core.
—??? dead. Who was this? Don't care. Threatened to shoot his crew if he didn't fix the unshielded core. Shot anyway.

Talons moaning about needing workers. Fine, now it's a collection record:
—Dace + crew. Aliens. Good with their hands. Maybe ransom. Need grav control.
—Verand + crew. Heard of her. Ransom. Repairs first.

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