Damage Control

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Damage Control
Damage Control
Location Nexus

Damage Control is the first in a series of six initial terminal entries located on the Security Footage terminal in Operations across from the Militia Office on the Nexus.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Tiran Kandros
From: Jarun Tann, Director of the Andromeda Initiative


As you're aware, there was a mutiny aboard the Nexus during your absence. Events escalated quickly, but we believe it began with a fire in hydroponics and theft in the armory. Motivations for the uprising vary. Mob mentality was certainly a factor, but for the leaders—including your predecessor, former Security Director Sloane Kelly—it was a conscious betrayal.

There have been perfunctory attempts to catalogue and address the damages caused by Sloane's people during the uprising. Supplies stolen, equipment broken, things of that nature. But I was hoping the militia could step in and draw up an official report. It's imperative we know what we are working with if we are going to survive.

Director Tann

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