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Curious Voeld Rock

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Curious Voeld Rock
Curious Voeld Rock
Location Tempest

Curious Voeld Rock is one of the terminal entries located on the Tempest. It is a follow-up email after Frequency if Ryder chose to send the strange meteorite to the Nexus.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Chief Lucan


This rock you found is certainly something. As far as I can tell, it's a remnant of a meteoroid that passed through the Scourge before falling to Voeld, infusing it with a similar charge. The presence of Heleus-native metallic elements within the rock may have allowed for such a transfer. I'm unsure why the adhi reacted to it the way they did.

I've stored it in a lead-lined box. It unnerves me.

Chief Lucan

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