Cryo Ammo

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Cryo Ammo
Cryo Ammo
Rarity Common
Type Consumable
Base Cost 240
Icon Cryo Ammo icon.png
Shots slow enemies and deal moderate bonus damage to armor. Lasts for the next three clips of the currently equipped gun.

Cryo Ammo is an ammo consumable. It is available for purchase from some merchants.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Cryo Ammo can prime enemies for a Cryo Combo.

An ammunition pack is applied to the currently equipped firearm only. Switching to a different firearm using the weapon wheel will not transfer the ammunition pack.

Ammunition packs stay in place until used up. This includes fast travelling to other places on a planet or even leaving the planet for another location.

Infinite heat sink weapons still have the three clip limited use for ammunition packs. It is not possible to game the system by not fully using the 100% available. Each infinite heat sink weapon has an equivalent number of shots that once used up will return the weapon back to normal functioning.

Ammunition packs do not stack. If a different ammunition pack is used before the current ammunition pack is used up, the new ammunition pack will replace the existing one. All remaining ammunition from the the first pack will be lost.

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