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Credits are the standard in-game currency for Mass Effect: Andromeda single-player mode. They are used to purchase weapons and weapon mods, armor, consumables, resources, augmentations, Nomad upgrades and paint jobs, and special items.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Credits are earned by selling items. They can also be found in containers or on defeated foes. In addition, the Commerce Cryo pod perks Financial Infrastructure and Financial Infrastructure II provide investment income. Strike Team missions are another possible source of income.

Rates[edit | edit source]

With a few exceptions, all vendors have the same rates for buying and selling. The Commerce Cryo pod perks Grey Market and Grey Market II improve prices across the board.

After A Packaged Deal, Thrasia pays more than other merchants and charges less. Annea always pays more and charges more. While the Blood Threshers Manager and Team Ryncol Manager in New Tuchanka are not vendors, they will purchase whatever Ryder has to sell. They pay full price. They also pay substantially more for salvage than anyone else.

All merchants have an unlimited supply of credits.

Base Rates[edit | edit source]

Vendors charge five times what they pay, except for common resources, for which they charge 24 credits and pay 4.

Grey Market[edit | edit source]

Sale prices are 25% higher and purchase prices are 5% lower. Purchase prices are 3.8 times sale prices.

Grey Market II[edit | edit source]

Sale prices are 50% higher and purchase prices are 10% lower. Purchase prices are 3 times sale prices.

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