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Crafting consists of two components: Research and Development. The key component in both is the blueprint.

Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Blueprints are used for developing new weapons, armor, augmentations, ND1 Nomad upgrades, and Special items.

Blueprints can be unlocked by:

  • spending research data in a Research Center
  • purchasing from merchants (Nomad upgrades only)
  • receiving as a mission requirement (e.g., Cybernetic Device)
  • completing a mission
  • automatically as Ryder reaches certain levels (see table)

Most Milky Way items and augmentations and all Heleus and Remnant items require research to unlock. Tier I blueprints can be researched as soon as Ryder activates a Research Center. Blueprints for Tier II and above can be unlocked as Ryder levels up. Tiers cannot be researched out of order: Tier II requires having researched Tier I, Tier III requires having researched Tier II, etc.

Blueprints for Andromeda Initiative-issued items (e.g., Initiative Armor, M-3 Predator pistol), ND1 Nomad upgrades, and special items do not require research and do not appear in the Research screen. Blueprints for Tier I Andromeda Initiative-issued items are available as soon as Ryder activates a Research Center. Successive tiers unlock automatically when Ryder levels up.

Blueprints will list unmet requirements for Ryder's level and prior research.

Blueprint availability levels[edit | edit source]

Researchable Items immediate 5 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
Andromeda Initiative
Issued Items
immediate 6 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81

Research[edit | edit source]

The Research screen.

On the Research screen, players can spend the Research Data (RD) they've acquired through scanning to unlock new blueprints for weapons and armor, or augmentations that can make creations unique and powerful. To access the Research menu, interact with any Research Center, such as the one on the Tempest, and select "Research."

Research Data (RD)[edit | edit source]

When scanning new lifeforms and tech, players can earn Research Data (RD). Data can be spent at a Research Center to unlock blueprints and augmentations for crafting. How much RD acquired is displayed in the Research menu or at the bottom of the scanner window when it is active. To spend RD on research, select the item to research in the left-hand panel and press (platform specific button).

There are three different types of RD:

  • Milky Way RD Icon.png Milky Way - Data related to the colonists and their equipment.
  • Heleus RD Icon.png Heleus - Data related to the various species discovered in Andromeda (except for Remnant).
  • Remnant RD Icon.png Remnant - Data related to mysterious abandoned technology.

Blueprints are grouped by technology. Within each group are folders for Weapons, Armor, and Augmentations. Within the Weapons and Armor folders, each item begins with a single folder containing blueprints for Tiers I-V. Once Tier V has been unlocked, a second folder, Advanced, is added, containing blueprints for Tiers VI-X.

Augmentations are unique items and are not level-locked; all augmentations are available to researched when a Research Center has been activated. Researching an augmentation gives Ryder one copy immediately and makes it available for Ryder to find out in the world. Until Ryder researches an augmentation, the augmentation will NOT be found out in the world.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Development screen.

When a new blueprint is unlocked it will appear on the Development screen. It can then be crafted, provided the necessary resources are available.

All blueprints are listed under the research tab in the Inventory screen. Blueprints do not count towards the Inventory item limit.

Players can craft new weapons, armor, and ND1 Nomad upgrades using blueprints and resources on the Development screen. To access the Development screen, interact with any Research Center, such as the one on the Tempest, and select "Develop."

Navigating the menu[edit | edit source]

The Development screen is divided into five tabs which can be navigated with (platform specific buttons).

Within each subfolder, blueprints are listed by tier, with the highest at the top, and alphabetically within the tier (except for the Pathfinder items, which are grouped alphabetically with the Tier I items). Some items are named differently in the Research Center than in Inventory. For example, the M-5 Phalanx is shown as Phalanx in Development. Nomad upgrades and special items are listed alphabetically, with no subdivisions.

Crafting items[edit | edit source]

Navigate to an item to build and, if the required resources are available, press (platform specific button) to create it. If all the resources aren't available, press (platform specific button) to get information on how to obtain them. When an item is created, there is an opportunity to give it a custom name.

All crafted items use an item specific light blue colored icon, no matter the rarity. Crafted Helmet Icon.png

Crafted special items use a special set of silver colored icons instead of light blue icons.

Using augmentations[edit | edit source]

Most blueprints at Tier II or higher have augmentation slots for special devices that can be incorporated into a gun or armor piece during the crafting process. These augmentations boost stats or profoundly change an item's behavior. To use an augmentation, press (platform specific button) to select an augmentation slot and choose which one to use. Only augmentations that work with the item will be shown (i.e., augmentations that only work with armor won't be available while developing a weapon, those that only work with weapons won't be available while developing armor). Once the augmentations are set, press (platform specific button) to craft the item. The number of augmentations allowed can be increased by one with the Innovation cryo pod perk.

Deconstruction[edit | edit source]

Crafted weapons and armor can be deconstructed. Any augmentations used in crafting the item are recovered, as well a portion of the resources used (one-fifth for weapons and armor chest pieces, one-half for armor extremities). (Remnant cores are not returned.)

There is a chance that a weapon purchased, crafted, found, or recovered by a Strike team Item Loot Box will drop a random augmentation on deconstruction. (See Augmentation Drops for odds of recovery). Researchable augmentations not already known will not be recovered. This drop will not be shown on the deconstruct screen and you will have to compare your inventory before/after to determine if an augmentation was dropped.

Crafting missions[edit | edit source]

There are a number of optional missions that specifically deal with the crafting of items that can be easily completed for free rewards:

Notes[edit | edit source]

The mission Task: Augmentation Crafting can be lost if you craft an item with augmentations before meeting with the Krogan engineer on Elaaden. If you have crafted an item with augmentations, the krogan engineer won't be at The Paradise, the mission will not be available, and the mission will not show up as autocompleted in the Journal.

All weapons in the Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set have a naming bug that occurs when crafting weapons. If you craft weapons at Tiers II-V, and do not rename the weapon, the weapon will default to Tier I in the name. The Tier II-V weapons are correct for stats/functionality, they just have the wrong name. If you want the name to display correctly, you will have to change the name.

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned for crafting:

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