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Players can team up with their squadmates for devastating combat power combos. Power combos activate when the player or a squadmate primes an enemy or group of enemies, setting them up for the kill, and then another squadmate jumps in to finish the job. Players can upgrade their squadmates specifically toward making them good at priming or detonating power combos.

Many powers can be evolved to become a primer, a detonator, or even both. Look for primer and detonator icons when planning skill purchases.

Combo types[edit | edit source]

There are four types of combo explosions:

  • Fire Combo.png- Sets every enemy in the area on fire.
  • Cryo Combo.png- Slows or freezes nearby enemies.
  • Tech Combo.png- Creates a lingering electrical discharge that stuns enemies.
  • Biotic Combo.png- Detonates with extreme force, sending enemies flying.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Many Skills are primers, detonators, and some are even both. Some skills are primers and/or detonators right away while other skills require specific skill point purchases to become primers and/or detonators. Look for the primer and detonator icons when planning skill purchases.

  • Some skills have Ranks that increase bonuses to combo explosions such as damage and/or radius. (Refer to each skill page for specifics on bonuses)
  • Squadmates will automatically use skills to detonate primed enemies, as well as semi-randomly priming enemies.

Skill Primers[edit | edit source]

To set up a combo explosion, an enemy must first be "primed" with a skill. Skills that can prime enemies are marked with different icons on the Skills screen that indicate their primer type.

  • Primer Heat Icon V2.png Fire primers burn enemies and set them up for a Fire Combo.
  • Primer Cold Icon V2.png Cryo primers chill or freeze enemies and set them up for a Cryo Combo.
  • Primer Electricity Icon V2.png Tech primers electrify enemies and set them up for a Tech Combo.
  • Primer Biotic Icon V2.png Biotic primers lift enemies into the air and set them up for a Biotic Combo.

Consumable Primers[edit | edit source]

Consumable ammo items are also able to prime enemies for combo explosions:

The enemy will have to be successfully shot with rounds until there is a clear visual display that the enemy has been primed (ice, electrical charges, flames).

Care should be taken when using consumable ammo items to prime enemies. If you prime an enemy with a Skill, and then shoots an enemy with consumable ammo before detonating the primed enemy, the Skill primer will be replaced with the ammo primer.

Melee Weapon Primers[edit | edit source]

Several Melee weapons are able to prime enemies for combo explosions:

The enemy will have to be successfully hit with the melee weapon until there is a clear visual display that the enemy has been primed (ice, flames).

The Electric Firaan is NOT able to prime enemies for an electric Tech Combo.

Detonators[edit | edit source]

Once an enemy is primed for a combo explosion, a detonator power is required to set off the combo explosion. Detonator skills are marked with an icon Detonator Icon V2.png on the Skills screen. Any detonator will set off a combo explosion.

Consumable ammo items WILL NOT detonate combo explosions.

Melee weapons WILL NOT detonate combo explosions.

Combo Table[edit | edit source]

The table below lists all of the skill primers and detonators.

  • A check mark (✓) in any Primer column implies that the skill can prime that type of combo explosion.
  • A check mark (✓) in the Detonator column implies that the skill is a detonator.
  • Any skill with a check mark that has an asterisk (✓*) has issues or restrictions. (Refer to the specific skill article in question for details)
  • Upgradeable skills require additional points to be spent on the skill to activate primers and/or detonators.

Not all skills are available to every character:

  • SP - Skill that Pathfinder Ryder can acquire in Single-player mode.
  • SM - Skill of a squadmate in Single-player mode.
  • MP - Skill in Multiplayer mode.

Skills Primer Heat Icon V2.png Primer Cold Icon V2.png Primer Electricity Icon V2.png Primer Biotic Icon V2.png Detonator Icon V2.png SP SM MP Upgradeable Notes
Annihilation (SP, MP)
Asari Commando
Assault Turret (SP, MP) ✓* ✓* Either Fire or Cryo
Avenger Strike (Jaal, MP)
Barricade (SP, MP)
Bioelectric Focus
Charge (SP, Cora, MP)
Concussive Shot (SP, Vetra, MP)
Cryo Beam (SP, MP)
Defense Drone
Energy Drain (SP, Jaal, MP)
Flamethrower (SP, MP)
Havoc Strike
Incinerate (SP, Drack, MP)
Krogan Warrior
Lance (SP, MP)
Nova (SP, Cora, MP)
Overload (SP, Liam, MP) ✓* Only while stunned
Power Armor
Pull (SP, Peebee, MP)
Remnant VI (SP, MP)
Shockwave (SP, Peebee, MP)
Singularity (SP, MP)
Snap Freeze
Throw (SP, MP)
Trip Mine (SP, MP)
Turian Smuggler

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned which are related to Power Combos:

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