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Remnant Data Core - Kadara Vault

There are several collection missions in the game. Some involve collecting items or information from around the Heleus Cluster, some are local to a particular world. While the rewards for some are relatively trivial, others provide a substantial amount of XP or RD. A few include a monetary reward and a few also award a small amount of AVP.

Collection missions share similarities with Random spawn missions but a major difference is that the items for collection missions are fixed or can be found in known locations.

Heleus[edit | edit source]

Mission # of Items XP RD AVP Credits
Aid APEX 20 530 1,000 29
Task: Better Crafting 3 450 150
Task: Comparatively Alien 10 1330 500 200
Task: Cultivation 10 530
Task: Hitting Rocks for Science 16 1330 200
Task: The Model of the Spheres 50 1330
Task: Remnant Data Cores 9 1330

Havarl[edit | edit source]

Mission # of Items XP RD AVP Credits
Task: Roekaar Manifestos 6 270
Task: Turian Salvage 9 270 90 29
Task: Unearthed 8 270 120-365 29

Notes[edit | edit source]

Aid Apex continues to award RD for each unique variant of an enemy scanned (after 20) until all variants are scanned.

Task: Comparatively Alien continues to award RD after the required 10 creatures are scanned. There are 13 total creatures that can be scanned.

Task: Remnant Data Cores has 11 data cores that can be found but the mission is complete after collecting the required 9. Collecting the additional data cores gives no rewards but each data core is normally located in an area with valuable loot or other rewards.

Task: Unearthed has 21 known samples that can be scanned. Type 1 and Type 2 each award 15 RD while Type 3 awards 50 RD. The RD amount is unaffected by the Cryo pod perks Improved Development and Improved Development II. Collecting devices beyond the required 8 will continue to award RD.