Clancy Arquist

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Clancy Arquist
Clancy Arquist
Species Human
Location Site 1: Promise, Eos

Clancy Arquist is a human character at Site 1: Promise on Eos. He becomes a merchant after A Better Beginning and can be found standing by his shuttle at Site 1.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Clancy Arquist is involved in the following mission:

Merchant items[edit | edit source]

Clancy Arquist sells the following goods:

Market Dominance[edit | edit source]

The Market Dominance cryo pod perk adds the following items to Clancy Arquist's goods for sale:

  • Pistol Ultra Rare.png N7 Eagles randomly appear and replace either the M-96 Mattock or the Raptor.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Clancy has the disturbing trick of being in two locations at once: beside his shuttle and in the room where he is first seen during A Better Beginning.

Clancy will always have one Cobra RPG available for sale, probably due to the proximity of the captive fiend at Site 2: Resilience.

Prices[edit | edit source]