Chosen Beasts of (Heleus?)

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Chosen Beasts of (Heleus?)
Chosen Beasts of (Heleus?)
Location Voeld

Chosen Beasts of (Heleus?) is one of the datapads found in the exaltation facility on Voeld during A Trail of Hope.

Text[edit | edit source]

The Wraith

Pre-arrival recon identified the native challyrion as initial species to be [IMPRECISE; ALT: "flung," "embraced," "bandied"] for exaltation. On arrival in [Heleus?], a facility was built and the long road to harmonization with kett genetics began.
Ability to cloak harmonized from [IMPRECISE; unknown reference] genetics brought from the kett homeworld.

Hypothesize: Quantify level of harmonization necessary at prime success?

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