Case Notes - 053 - Dr. Ramirez

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Case Notes - #053 - Dr. Ramirez
Case Notes - #053 - Dr. Ramirez

Case Notes - #053 - Dr. Ramirez is one of the terminal entries located in Prodromos on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

Patient ID: 053
Symptoms/condition: Gunshot injuries to both legs; severe neurospinal distress

Patient brought in on a travois by his crew. Reports say he was tracking down a mineral vein and ran into a group of hidden kett. Killed one, gunned down by the others. They shot to disable, not to kill, then slapped some sort of paralyzing patch on his back. Patient's crew found him and dealt with the kett before they dragged him home. Removed shrapnel and cleaned the injuries. Removed the spinal patch with standard ultrasound pulse. Another kett toy. Fawkes can dispose of it.

Personal notes:
Took longer than usual to write this up. Old memories. Stiff drink is helping. Should have let the nurse clean him up, but better to face the headwind. What I saw the batarians do on Vatares, Mindoir... it's over. Let it be over.

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