Case Notes - 024 - Dr. Ramirez

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Case Notes - #024 - Dr. Ramirez
Case Notes - #024 - Dr. Ramirez
Location Eos

Case Notes - #024 - Dr. Ramirez is one of the terminal entries located in Prodromos on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

Patient ID: 024
Symptom/conditions: Acute insomnia, claustrophobia

On examination, no organic underlying cause. Apparently suffered a mechanical failure when coming out of stasis that locked her in the pod. Clearly a psychosomatic case, but symptoms are acute. Prescribed tetravoxine and VR post-stasis therapy. Next appointment in two weeks.

Personal notes:
I'm seeing several cases of post-stasis anxiety and other related conditions. The techies solved a lot of the physical effects of long-term stasis, but we're clearly seeing the psychological effects run a lot deeper. People just aren't designed to be turned off for too long. Should talk with Hainly about a long-term research initiative. We're "first" for a lot of things.

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