Cargo Manifest (469778321)

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Cargo Manifest
Cargo Manifest
Location Kadara

Cargo Manifest 469778321 is one of the datapads located on The Docks. It replaces Cargo Manifest 572492115 after Ryder speaks to Sloane Kelly during Hunting the Archon.

Text[edit | edit source]

ID Number: 469778321
Manifest Tracking Number: 002682344 KAD
Consignee: Annea
Vessel Name: Vatvagr
Point of Loading: Kadara
Point of Unloading: Elaaden

Water Vats - 600 lbs
Salvage - 300 lbs
Adhi Skins - 20 lbs
Parsec Pies "For the On-the-Go Space Traveler": Simulated Apple Flavor - 5 lbs

Note: If Annea asks why it's five pounds of pocket pies instead of six, tell her that they were damaged in transit. - CD

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