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Location Aya

COUNCIL MEETING NOTES is one of the terminal entries located in the Governor's Office on Aya.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

Personal meeting notes of Governor Paraan Shie:

V: Wants to open southern valley region to development, with goal to provide refugees with permanent homes.

K: Believes we're already at risk of overcrowding and harming local ecosystem. Votes to use land strictly for food production.

M: Proposes compromise solution to construct orbital habitats using Nexus technology. Refugees would rotate between Aya's surface and orbital habitats using lottery system.

E: Disagrees with accepting Initiative help and especially tech. Points out the black hole will make orbital construction projects difficult, and may attract notice of kett patrols.

Final vote delayed to Novoa Bav.

We need a better home for our people. Voeld is fallen. Havarl remains unstable, and Aya is too small to support all of us. Is Kadara Port an option? Do we even dare attempt reconciliation?

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