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Classification Enemy
Origin Andromeda
Relentless flying drone that bursts forward to attack. If its clutch is not broken, it discharges a moderate burst of damage.

Breacher is a Remnant mob enemy.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Created by Assemblers, these Breachers are levitating drones that move in rapid, aggressive bursts using a powerful microthruster. Peebee claims to have named them "Breachers" after mistaking one for an Observer, and quickly realizing this new example "broke the rules."

Analysis of Breacher debris shows that their systems are fundamentally unstable: their power cores are improperly shielded and many of their inner workings are exposed. This suggests that they are created for short-term deployment to handle intruders who stray into Remnant territory, and in turn offers some insight into the Remnant builders' military doctrine.

Combined with single-minded programming that focuses on hostiles, the volatile construction of Breachers makes them extremely dangerous. If provoked, the Breacher will launch itself at an opponent and attempt to latch onto it, using exposed gears to grind through hardsuits and cause severe damage. When damaged beyond repair, a Breacher may trigger its power core to overload and self-destruct.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Breachers are health-only enemies. Health Bar - Normal.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

An Assembler will throw a small device that looks like a grenade that once it stops moving after being thrown it will fabricate a Breacher. This isn't technically a grenade but uses the symbol for a grenade when it is thrown.

The Breacher can be scanned for Aid APEX.

Gallery[edit | edit source]