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Species Virtual Intelligence
Location Nexus

Avina is a virtual intelligence program designed to answer questions and provide guidance and insight on current events. Avina appears as a hologram, always taking the form of an Asari. Though plans call for several terminals throughout the Nexus, Avina is currently only accessible through two terminals in the Common Area. With a limited capacity for discourse, Avina is more suited to offering information rather than opinions.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Hydroponics Terminal[edit | edit source]

Welcome traveler. How may I assist?
Hydroponics is an essential element of the Nexus' life support system. It provides the station with vital oxygen and food supplies.
Feel free to stop by and see our botanist, Doctor Camden. He always enjoys speaking with visitors.
<Pathfinder Headquarters>
The Pathfinder Headquarters is located within the Operations Center. It will proudly collect the work of our daring explorers for years to come.
It is also where Director Jarun Tann oversees the Initiative.
Due to resource constraints, the Nexus recreational venues are limited to the Vortex.
The Vortex is a social establishment where colonists can gather to relax or enjoy a drink.
Please remember: consumption of alcohol while operating machinery or piloting spacecraft is strictly prohibited.
<Cultural Exchange Center>
The Cultural Center is intended as an educational venue for any new alien species we meet.
By teaching them about the Initiative, we hope to foster an air of cooperation and understanding.
<Tech labs>
Initiative scientists are hard at work in the tech labs, analyzing data and samples acquired within Andromeda.
The resulting information is then used to further Initiative research and outpost creation.
Please be aware: access to the tech labs is restricted to essential personnel only.
<Log off>
It has been my pleasure.  

Immigration Terminal[edit | edit source]

How may I assist?
<Living arrangements>
We ask for your cooperation as our Pathfinders explore the Heleus cluster in search of new worlds to call home.
Colonists will be transferred to outposts based on the Initiative's current resource requirements.
<Current year>
The current year is 2819. After spending over 600 years in stasis, it's normal to feel disoriented or confused upon arrival.
Our helpful medical staff can assist with any physical or psychological aftereffects you may be experiencing.
<The Nexus>
The Nexus serves as the central hub for the Andromeda Initiative's colonization efforts.
It is the first destination for all colonists upon their arrival in the new galaxy.
Please enjoy the many venues the Nexus has to offer. As the station expands, it will one day serve as the seat of government for Milky Way colonists.
Providing a safe, stable, and prosperous environment is our primary goal.
<Andromeda Galaxy>
Here in Andromeda, you are over two million light-years away from the Milky Way Galaxy.
This is the furthest any lifeform has ever traveled outside our home system, making you a brave pioneer, indeed.
The Nexus itself is located in a region known as the Heleus Cluster.
Here, you and thousands of your fellow colonists will fulfill your dreams of settling a new home. Fortune awaits!
We ask that you submit to a brief medical exam to ensure your health and well-being after making such a long journey.
Once you've been cleared, our colonization experts will assist you in finding your new home.
Please be mindful of the queue: thousands of eager colonists like you are waiting to begin their new life in Andromeda!
<Log off>
It has been my pleasure.

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