Autopsy and Handling - Subject: Archon

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Autopsy and Handling - Subject: Archon
Autopsy and Handling - Subject: Archon
Location Atrium, Port Meridian

Autopsy and Handling – Subject: Archon is one of the terminal entries located in the Atrium at Port Meridian.

Text[edit | edit source]

Reporting Exobiologist: Dr. Viara P'lina
Subject: The Archon
Species: Kett
Age: Unknown
Cause of Death: The jokes will cease. The cause of death is not "Pathfinder." I may be second wave and didn't see the fight, but there are no monsters in my morgue. This being will be afforded the respect of our profession—especially since the cause of death could have direct consequences, should our Pathfinder continue to manipulate Remnant, or others seek training in their use.

While the structures of the kett brain are unknown in purpose and—perhaps—design, the damage to tissue is obvious. When the devices of Meridian were denied an external power source, they in part drew from the Archon's own augmentation. This repeated surge-and-transfer inflicted internal burns and, shockingly, lacerations.

However, it is my opinion that these injuries, while severe, were survivable. I say this because I have personal history with treatment of biotics who have strained too far and damaged themselves. The fatal element here is different. The use of Remnant is not just a physical strain. It seems to draw some part of the mind into the manipulated element. A division on consciousness.

I am in theoretical territory here, but this is my analysis: the Archon overextended his faculties within Meridian. When the Pathfinder took control of the power, the Archon was not just de-powered; he was—for lack of a better term—severed from himself.

I need more time with the Archon's remains. And dedicated facilities. A full team. The study of this one being could last lifetimes.

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