Area-Denial Mine

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Area-Denial Mine
Area-Denial Mine
Proximity trigger: movement and vibration sensor
Explosive output: 5 megajoules
An anti-personnel, anti-vehicle area-of-denial explosive device planted by the kett to obliterate enemies within range.

The Area-Denial Mine is a deadly reactive explosive device found during gameplay. They are found placed in specific areas to create a mine field that denies access to Ryder and the ND1 Nomad.

Notes[edit | edit source]

These mines can be found in a number of locations on different planets and are usually related to a specific mission. SAM will usually indicate when you get close to a minefield where these devices are located.

It is possible to take a mine strike with the Nomad with high enough shields but it is ill-advised to do so. Driving fast will not save the Nomad from damage either. The mines trigger immediately when the Nomad is within range.

These mines can be safely destroyed by shooting them from a distance. Make sure to save before trying this method as shooting them may set off an unintended chain reaction killing you.

Each mine will light up with the scanner as bright orange and the turn light yellow when scanned (no matter how many mines have been scanned before). No RD is awarded for scanning any mines.

The area-denial mines for Strange Beacon have a different shape than the usual mine shape. These mines will scan the same and explosively function the same, only they strangely look like audio log devices from the Verakan or the bombs from Bridge Sabotage.

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