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Angaran guns

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Angaran guns
Angaran guns
Location Tempest

Angaran guns is one of the terminal entries from Nakmor Drack located on the Tempest.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Drack

Man, Ryder. I thought I knew guns. But this angaran shit? They really know how to make things to point and shoot.

Was eyeing a couple on Aya when we were there. A sidearm called a Zephyr, and a sniper rifle. Isharay, I think they called it? Looked fancy. But I guess even their shivs are fancy.

Glad we found aliens who know how to fight. Not sure how I would feel if Andromeda was nothing but pyjaks or, ugh, elcor. I'll take kett over those chumps.


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