Angara showing affinity: ALERT!

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Angara showing affinity: ALERT!
Angara showing affinity: ALERT!
Location Atrium, Port Meridian

Angara showing affinity: ALERT! is one of the terminal entries located in the Atrium at Port Meridian.

Text[edit | edit source]

Security addendum
(SAM override)
Attendees: Data missing

Speaker 1: The revelations on Havarl are problematic. We've never encountered a species designed to pass information through their genetics, nor do we know the limits of this function.

Speaker 2: If they retain information, can we access it? Maybe the angara can… remember how to work Meridian.

Speaker 1: That isn't the right question. If they can retain information, can they also receive it? Receive instruction? Have they already?

Speaker 2: Well that's just… you mean sleeper agents.

Speaker 1: Shut that off and wipe—


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