Additional Data: "New Tuchanka"

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Additional Data: "New Tuchanka"
Additional Data: "New Tuchanka"
Location Elaaden

Additional Data: "New Tuchanka" is one of the forward station terminal entries located on Elaaden.

Text[edit | edit source]

—Forward Station Network expanded—
Conflict: ongoing geological mismatch
Expanding data collation to Nexus records

(Keywords: "Elaaden," "Habitat 2")

To: Director Jarun Tann
From: Spec. Todd Quint

It was Trudy Jones. She's the one who forwarded all the data about Habitat 2 to Morda. The logs don't lie.

She's no longer with us, in case you were wondering. Injured in the uprising. Not involved, just wrong place, wrong time. Stray shot to shoulder, a couple broken ribs and a concussion from a fall. Nothing lethal, all fixable. But she's dead. She rigged her analgesic delivery system to deliver a massive overdose. The last thing she did was send Morda everything she had on the planet.

Sad. Sounds like she gave up, but knew it didn't mean everyone else had to. If I had to bet on anyone to survive, it'd be the krogan.

—More data needed—
Additional forward station coordination required


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