A signal! Holy shit!

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A signal! Holy shit!
A signal! Holy shit!
Location Atrium, Port Meridian

A signal! Holy shit! is one of the terminal entries located in the Atrium at Port Meridian.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Comm Spec Enzo Ames

Okay. Okay, calm down. There's something. It's been bounced who knows how many times, and it's patchy as hell, but I know an ark signature when I see it. Ark Keelah Si'yah. It's out there. It's damaged… or something. I've put probes out, but with the Scourge, who knows where it is. I'm logging everything, and I mean everything. If a spitbug burps on Eos, I'm parsing it.

Because the worst thing? The signal isn't a distress call. It's a warning.


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