A difficult request

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A difficult request
A difficult request
Location Havarl

A difficult request is one of the terminal entries located at the Pelaav Research Station on Havarl.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:


I'm sure you heard about the attack at Site 7. The loss of Dr. Verishaav was a blow to the entire science community. And now many of Site 7's researchers are displaced and in need of a new post. Most will head to Aya for recovery, but some want to continue working here on Havarl. I recommended your camp as suitable transition point.

I know resources are thin, but your site is the only one the kett have ignored. I don't want to put these people in danger so soon after they witnessed the death of their superior. And I'm sure you could use the help on your monolith project. Think it over and give me your response tomorrow.

Stay safe,

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