A Formal Letter to Tann

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A Formal Letter to Tann
A Formal Letter to Tann
Location Nexus

A Formal Letter to Tann is one of the datapads found in Spender's quarters in the Common Area on the Nexus during Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal.

Text[edit | edit source]

Director Tann,

I am writing to request an official review of Nakmor Kesh's suitability as Nexus superintendent.

The krogan indeed helped suppress the mutiny by those we now dub "exiles." However, given the krogan's conduct during the uprising, and their decision to leave the Nexus after their requests for more authority were denied, it is not hard to see Kesh's current position as a conflict of interest.

I understand it may be politically beneficial to keep a krogan on staff, for optics if not diplomacy. But for one of them to hold the power of a superintendent, given their brethren's negative opinion of us, is frankly playing with fire.

It is my opinion, as an experienced public servant, that Kesh should be placed in a role where she can do less damage. Perhaps in charge of archives.

William Spender
Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs

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