"Intelligence and Introspection" - Dr. K. Nigh

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"Intelligence and Introspection" - Dr. K. Nigh
"Intelligence and Introspection" - Dr. K. Nigh
Location Kadara

"Intelligence and Introspection" - Dr. K. Nigh is one of the datapads found in Katherine Nigh's sanctuary in the Varren's Scalp region on Kadara during The Firefighters.

Text[edit | edit source]

At the Sensory Gallery on Kithoi Ward, I could step into a booth and artificially experience rain as a turian feels it. Elsewhere, I could smell like an elcor, or hear like a drell. But there is no booth where I could think like an artificial intelligence.

Try it. Imagine being two or three times as intelligent as you are now. You're likely already approaching the level considered "genius" for your species. Now keep going. Ten times. Twenty times. The mind reels, doesn't it? And you still aren't as intelligent as an AI.

Now consider how differently such a mind might perceive and interpret the world, compared to how you understand it. Think how different a sonnet might seem, or a sunset. Then ask yourself: what would such a mind make of our morality? The value of organic life?

My lab partners evolved a thousand light years away. But make no mistake. It is the life on our servers which is truly alien.

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